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Kuharsky Does Houston Mk. II

Who wanted unbiased OTA reports?  We've got more of them!

For this piece Kuharsky focused almost exclusively on the cornerbacks.  Coming up with a very small sample size of 7-on-7 drill results, he found that Glover Quin and Pierre Singfield both recorded "positives", while Fred Bennett and Brice McCain recorded the most "minuses".  Some corners, like Jacques Reeves and Mark Parson, wound up with "nothing".  

Frankly, I really liked what I saw out of Parson last preseason, and if the Texans had de-emphasized cornerback some in the offseason, I thought he had a chance to snag Fred Bennett's roster spot.  With Kareem Jackson and Sherrick McManus on board though, he might have to unseat someone on special teams to get on the active roster.

The weird thing about the cornerback situation to me is the total lack of respect allocated to Reeves.  When Kubiak mentioned the CB rotation in an earlier Kuharsky post, he mentioned the third corner situation like so:

Gary Kubiak said Tuesday that Brice McCain, Fred Bennett and rookie Sherrick McManis are contenders to be the third corner on the field. The coach likes the idea of moving Quin to the slot and replacing him outside, though Kubiak said McCain can line up in there, too. 

Not sure if this was Kuharsky missing part of the story (Reeves possibly being unseated) or if it was worded in a way that he was never involved, but the Texans distrust of Reeves since 2008 has been a little puzzling in my mind.  Particularly when viewed through their lack of attention to Dunta Robinson's clear decline the last two years.  Reeves is a perfectly cromulent cornerback.

-One other update from Kuharsky stood out: the battle for Trindon Holliday to make the roster.

Trindon Holiday had trouble catching kicks early on, regular practice reporters told me. That means he’s hardly a lock for the job or a roster spot. But he’s settled down some now. He looked a bit tentative to me, but boy can he run. Monday, when practice was inside and I was closer to the action, I took note that he really had his head in what the receivers were doing --watching on a knee with a script in his hand. The team’s got to like that level of attention.

At least he's doing the right things on the sideline, even if when he reaches the field he doesn't "know what the hell he's doing".

-More analysis of yesterday's Kuharsky at Battle Red Blog from Mr. Mike Kerns.

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