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Looking To Hire? Luis Scola Needs A Job

Thus far, most NBA free agents have taken a giddy approach to their newfound freedrom. Most are "excited" in one way or another and appear to be enjoying the challenge. Look no further than Twitter to see that this is indeed the case:

Chris Bosh

I'm excited and READY! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!

Amare Stoudemire

Can't wait to see what lies ahead. I had a blast with my teammates last season. What's Next !!

Kyle Lowry

How many ppl can't wait for this to start? I can't !!!!

Basically, everybody who is anybody is going nuts about free agency.

That is, except for one man.


Sadly, Luis Scola no longer has a job. Isn't he a free agent just like all of the guys listed above? Yes. But Scola isn't like those guys. He needs a place to play. He doesn't like being on his own. He's lone-ly.

If you have it in your heart, please hire Luis Scola. He will work hard, make you laugh and grab defensive boards like it's nobody's business. So come on - help an Argentinian out.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.