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Sports Radio 1560 The Game Is Bringing Your Texans Back From The Dead

It's Astros season. It's also Dynamo season. And we've been drooling over NBA free agency of late. Does anyone, aside from Rivers, still care about the Texans, our beloved football team? Apparently, Sports Radio 1560 does.


Be sure to check out 1560 AM if you're looking to talk Texans. During the month of July, each show on the radio network (John & Lance at 9 a.m., Nuño & Hoffy at 2 p.m. and Sean & John at 6 p.m.) will be talking Texans and NFL for the final hour of each show. Tune in to hear special guests from SB Nation as well.


Season's almost here, kind of. Get the grills and coolers ready: it's time to tailgate. No wimps allowed.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.