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Agent Indicates Bosh May Be Leaning Away From Houston

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that while the Rockets may be on free agent forward Chris Bosh’s radar, they are far from the favorites to land the soon-to-be former Toronto Raptor.

Talks with Bosh, however, seemed to stall, with Thomas quickly downplaying the importance of the meeting Morey did get with Bosh.

“They (the Rockets) dropped something off to him and chatted briefly,” Thomas said. “They will be on the radar.”

Morey described Bosh as enthusiastic and interested, and his own recruiting efforts as more than just delivering a package.

Bosh, however, described his sessions in Chicago, rather than the meeting in Dallas, as the start of the process.

While the midnight meeting with Bosh may have raised spirits in Houston, the Rockets have been longshots to land Bosh for quite some time. From the sound of things, it would take a miraculous turn of events for Houston to become a frontrunner in the CB4 sweepstakes.

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