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Bagwell May Be Short-Term Solution

Listening to Jeff Bagwell’s post-game press conference, two things jumped out immediately.

The first is that Bagwell will be very prepared. He’s talked to manager Brad Mills about what he expects out of the team. He has a plan for the players, both during the game and before. This wasn't an overnight decision, despite how surprised the media and fans were.

Bagwell clearly had a plan and was moving onwards. I have no doubt he will put in hours of prep work necessary to keep the hitters prepared. He’s also got the kind of attitude where he can joke around with guys but still have his voice heard. Anyone that’s heard stories about him over the years had a good idea he’d make an excellent coach.

But, it’s important to remember that Bagwell alone will not fix the offense. The Astros are last in many offensive categories precisely because they aren’t patient at the plate. A coach can’t teach a guy to walk more.

One way he can help is making adjustments during the game. The Astros score most of their runs in the first or second innings, but don’t do any damage as the game wears on. That’s because pitchers are adjusting to them and the Astros aren’t reacting. Bagwell can definitely change this.

The other thing that I picked up from his press conference is that this isn’t a permanent thing — yet. He’s committed for two months and no more. That’s partly because Bagwell may want to return home to his family. It’s also probably to give Mills a chance to pick his own hitting coach in the off-season if he doesn’t mesh with Bagwell.

Bagwell will probably have more of an impact on this team than Jimmy Dugan at the beginning of League Of Their Own, but don’t expect miracles.

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