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Michael Bourn's All-Star At Bat Provides Yet Another Microcosm

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How many times have we heard the phrase, “Well, this just about sums up the Astros season right now”? Perhaps twenty-eight times. Maybe more. I know I’m sick of them, apt as they might be.


So, then, what could be said about Michael Bourn’s three-pitch strikeout against Jose Valverde in his only at-bat on Tuesday night? An at-bat that featured two of the ugliest, most “here goes nothing” swings we saw all night?


Yup. That just about sums up the Astros’ season. A strikeout in less than a minute. From a player with a .255 batting average. Not to pile on, but let’s hope Drayton saw just how inferior his Astros are to the rest of the league right now.

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