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A Quick Thank-You To Rockets Owner Les Alexander

This won't be long, but I'd like to thank Les Alexander for being such a smart, willing owner. Many teams in bigger markets, like the Los Angeles Clippers for one, have always suffered due to poor ownership. They may not lack financial backing from their owner, but they do lack general NBA intelligence.


Mr. Alexander has always paid very close attention to the Rockets and has acted in the best interest of the team, and then of the fans. I'm not sure we can say the same about Drayton McLane, whose focus seems to be largely placed on keeping fans happy in the short term while setting up the team for failure in the long term.


I'm confident that these recent free agent signings will help to bring the Rockets back to the level of a premier contender in the league. I can't say enough about how trustworthy he has been of general manager Daryl Morey. From this view, he has largely let Morey handle the personnel decisions and has only focused on the financial aspects of those decisions. If the ultimate goal behind a certain acquisition is to win, Mr. Alexander has rarely deterred.


So, thank you, Les Alexander. It would be much tougher to be a Rockets fan without you around. You run a first-class ship and we look forward to supporting you and your Rockets this upcoming season.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.