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Designating Daigle Not A Good Idea

In a move that seems unimportant at first glance, the Astros have designated Casey Daigle for assignment while purchasing the contract of Gary Majewski.

Ehhh. Right?

Daigle is 1-1 with an 11.32 ERA, but such a stat is inflated by one or two bad games.

The 30-year-old Majewski had a 4.04 ERA in Round Rock this year, maknig 27 appearances.

So...the front office made a good decision, right?


I'm all in for fixing the bullpen, but not at the costs of getting rid of Casey Daigle.


Because Casey Daigle is married to USA softball olympic chamption Jennie Finch

And when she wasn't IN THE STANDS AT MINUTE MAID PARK, she was on the coast of some island, modeling and what not.

With Daigle gone, there's no reason for Finch to show her face in the stands, which was a high point in a season full of lows for the Astros.

Oh, and I may have fibbed in a post about the ESPYs, Houston did have one representative. Casey Daigle. He attended with his wife, who was nominated. 

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