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Line-Ups: Puebla Field Conservative Starting XI

Puebla looks to be starting a relatively conservative starting XI mixing a few starters with a some players who typically play back-up roles.

Here’s Puebla’s starting XI:

F: Felipe Ayala
F: Isidro Sanchez
M: Edgar Lugo
M: Carlos Rivera
M: Yasser Corona
M: Felipe Gonzalez
D: Alvaro Ortiz
D: Juan Garcia
D: Melvin Brown
D: Orlando Rincon
GK: Edgar Hernandez

Subs: Juan Garcia Rulfo (GK), Pablo Aja, Jose Gonzalez, Gabriel Pereyra, Alvaro Gonzalez, Mario Ortiz, Rodrigo Salinas

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.