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Report: Cardinals Ahead Of Phillies In Roy Oswalt Sweepstakes

Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports is reporting that the St. Louis Cardinals are the front-runners in the chase to acquire Houston Astros starting pitcher Roy Oswalt. This comes contrary to many reports that the Philadelphia Phillies had the inside track to land the ’Stros ace.

In fact, the Astros have been talking with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak for several days now, and Oswalt is quite amenable to go to St. Louis if the teams can agree on what players will head back to Houston. For their part, the Cardinals are convinced that matching Roy Oswalt up with Dave Duncan would take a guy who is already an ace and turn him back into the Cy Young candidate he was a few years ago. I’ll stop believing stuff like that when Dave Duncan actually fails for once. Which I wouldn’t bet on, frankly.

I’m not certain how reliable a source Craig Calcaterra is over Buster Olney or Jayson Stark. At the same time, I’m willing to publish this rumor if only to have the opportunity to proclaim my hatred for the St. Louis Cardinals. What a slap in the face this would be if we were forced to watch Roy-O pitch for, of all franchises, the friggin’ St. Louis Cardinals.

Any other teams out there interested in Roy, Mr. Calcaterra?

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