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Keep An Eye On Chris Paul, But Not For The Good Reasons

I know we've tired of trade lists. But this latest one may be quite important.


Chris Paul is reportedly seeking a trade from the New Orleans Hornets (for the reportedly billionth time), and reportedly the New York Knicks are atop the list, reports say. Sources indicate that Paul would like to have a deal done before the start of this upcoming season, according to reports, sources and resources.


In all seriousness, this very well could happen, and if Chris Paul ends up in a New York Knicks uniform, the Rockets might as well kiss those lottery draft picks goodbye. We'd all be stoked if Paul set sail down the Gulf towards the ship channel en route to Houston, but let's be realistic - the Knicks have the cap space to take Emeka Okafor's contract. That means more to the Hornets than keeping in contention, sadly. They need cash to keep the team around, though, regardless, if Paul leaves New Orleans, basketball ends in Louisiana. Hello, Seattle Hornets, or something like that. They'd probably change the name.


Hope and pray that Chris Paul lands in Orlando, and to a lesser degree, here.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.