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Roy Oswalt May Become Fredo Corleone

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You broke my heart, Roy.

You broke my heart.

I can be a sports conundrum. I am a pretty passionate fan, but at the same time, I'm a sports writer. I've been to enough games now that I've turned off my automatic cheering gene. My wife gets mad at me sometimes because I don't look like I'm enjoying a win or a game because I'm not vocalizing. Just how I've been trained.

But, there is this one part of my brain that is still an unabashed fan. In that part, I despise all things Cardinals or Cubs. I dislike anything involving the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Colts. I can't help it. My immediate, visceral reaction to things involving St. Louis is very negative. I couldn't even watch the end of the 2006 World Series. Just depressed me too much.

Which is why I can sympathize with the people of Cleveland after they lost LeBron and understand all the disgruntlement building over Roy Oswalt's request to go to the Cardinals.

Imagine: the Cardinals about to win the 2011 World Series, with Oswalt dressed in red, finishing off a complete game to clinch his second ring with the RedBirds. I'd have long since passed out from a brain aneurysm. It would be that bad. I can also believe there are a ton of Astros fans out there that feel the same way.

Which is funny about this whole Roy Oswalt saga that has drawn out this week. If you polled fans at the beginning of the season, Roy probably would have been one of the two most-liked players on this team. Now? I bet there isn't much of a whimper when he is finally dealt. That's how much animosity has been building. Whether it's fair or not isn't relevant. It's what's happening for a lot of fans.

And I can understand that. I'll write my analysis of any deal dispassionately, weighing both sides and trying to be objective about it. But, a part of me will be ready to go on a pillaging run similar to Sherman's March.

So, yeah, Roy kinda did pull a Fredo. One of my favorite players could be dead to me soon. Which makes me like sports a little less.

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