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Man U Leads MLS All-Stars 2-0 At Half

After opening the game dictating both a pace and tempo entirely of their own design, Manchester United watched as the MLS All-Stars (who were very much personifying the idea of a pre-fabricated all-star group lacking the requisite training time continuity) finally started to gel. The All-Star side's seemingly rebirth created both for an enjoyable viewing experience as well as managed to keep the game not entirely out of reach with the deficit still 2-0. Ángel, Schelotto, Morales, and Pappa all created chances for the All-Stars, though Man U in their own right could have blown the whole thing open if not for a few near misses.

Expect high turnover in the second half as this friendly contains no restrictions on substitutions. Man U’s second side’s second side (SPOILER ALERT: the group United started weren’t exactly entirely their A-listers) could face a challenge with the likes of US internationals Landon Donovan and Edison Buddle waiting in the wings for the All-Stars.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.