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If It's A Foul, Blow The Whistle

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You can’t tell me that the referees failed to see Paraguay goalie Justo Villar take out the legs of Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas in the box after Villar stopped a PK attempt from Spain’s Xabi Alonso. It was clear: Fabregas got to the ball first, and Villar took his legs out from underneath him. And yet, no whistle was blown. Play resumed. Spain never got the penalty kick that they deserved.


The passionate/moody fan in me thinks that the whistle was purposely held and that the foul was obvious. Not with any agenda in mind, but for the sake of not calling another foul. And that’s sad. If it’s a foul, it’s a foul. There is no need to try to maintain a pattern.


I notice this quite frequently in professional basketball, too. If a charge is called against one team, say the Celtics, then their opponent, the Lakers, will most likely suffer the “make up” call some time soon, regardless of what the call should have been.


Stop. Please. Make calls for what they are, not for what will appease teams and fans. That’s all I ask.

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