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McNair: 'I Think It Will Be A Successful Conclusion To The Negotiations'

Speaking after the Texans inaugural training camp practice today, Texans owner Bob McNair said to expect a deal sooner rather than later with Andre Johnson, but said it might take a couple of weeks.

(on WR Andre Johnson’s time left on his contract) Well I don’t know that it has ever been done with that many years left, so it has to be a special situation and it has to be some reason for doing it. So that has been discussed."

(on WR Andre Johnson’s contract terms being done in a few weeks) I would hope that we could get it done in a couple of weeks. We told him we would get it done, and that is what we will do."

Johnson also seemed content with the negotiation process:

(on his contract situation) You heard it from the horse’s mouth (Owner Bob McNair), he’s the boss, whatever he says goes. I have confidence in him, he’s a man of his word. I’m just waiting, when it works out, it’ll work out. I’m just out here getting ready for the season

Fox Sports Houston adds in another telling quote from McNair:

“It will be taken care of,” McNair said. “We wanted to take care of all these draft picks first. Hopefully it will be done here before too long.”

The Texans should be applauded for nipping this in the bud early. You always want to appease the franchise stars. Here’s hoping that this sort of tact will continue on with Mario Williams, who will probably be the next star Texan up for a re-negotiation.

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