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Berkman: Chances Of Trade Are 'Decent'

Before we start, take note: Lance Berkman is not in today’s starting lineup. Now, on to business.

Per SB Nation Houston’s David Nuño:

Lance Berkman just said decent chance he gets traded. 4 teams or so he would consider. Many never would consider

And soon after:

Puma: my goal is to win here. But if they feel better chance to win by getting younger I don’t want to stand in way

There have been rumors swirling about a potential Berkman trade since the Astros acquired 1B Brett Wallace from the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday.

Alyson Footer chimed in with a few Berkman tidbits of her own.

Berkman said no matter what happens, he wants the opp. to come back to Astros next year. So a requirement if he was traded would be for the new team to NOT pick up his option. He’s the anti-Oswalt.

Berkman is only hitting .245 this season and has regressed quite a bit, perhaps due to his age and wear and tear. Oh, and would you look at that – Berkman could go to the Yankees. Scroll down to find out more.

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