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Berkman Traded To Yankees In Likely Salary Dump

Lance Berkman will be traded to the New York Yankees in exchange for, essentially, nothing. Ken Davidoff has more, via SB Nation.

#Astros indeed expected to get non-prospect minor-leaguer(s) and payroll relief from #Yankees in return for Berkman.

No word yet on who the minor-leaguers might be. In the meantime, feel free to sulk over losing this generation’s franchise icon in a salary dump… and then consider the possibilities.

Berkman has consented to playing for New York in order to chase a World Series ring with his pal, Andy Pettitte. But will Berkman decide to return to Houston in 2011? Early indications are that Berkman would indeed relish the chance to finish his career as an Astro, so while we may lose the Puma for a half-season, we may not have seen the last of him just yet.

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