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Faith And Family Night Not The Best Idea...

Baseball is synonymous with America. For five months a year, moms take their kids to batting practice while older men break down and salivate over stats. 

Baseball should be just that. Baseball. A game that everyone can relate to. However, in a season with little to hope for, Drayton and Co. have decided to make it more than a game.

Tonight's game is going to be played on Faith and Family Night. It may be my opinion that baseball and religion should be separated, but it's Drayton's team, not mine. Here are five reasons why you should not go to tonight's "faith and family night".

5. The keynote speaker, Lance Berkman, was just traded. 

4. Lance's replacement is first base coach Bobby Meacham. Bobby replaced Jose Cruz. I'd rather listen to Jose Cruz.

3. 9-time Dove Award winning Christian rock group Jars of Clay will be performing. I didn't know the Dove Awards existed until now.

2. Our scheduled starting pitcher, Wandy, may be traded before the game. 

1. Our entire team may be traded before the game. On second thought, that may not be so bad.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.