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Evening Wrap-Up At Training Camp, 7/31

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- The Texans will begin with pads on tomorrow for the first time since January. Several key players missed the afternoon practice as the artificial turf is known to be tough on joints.

- More good stuff from Alan Burge, who kept detailed notes on the morning practice.

- Speaking of notes from the Saturday early practice, Lance Zierlien has some of his own. He’s got some good quotes from off the record sources, including one to not read too much into who is starting where on the interior. He also speculates that not one, but two of Antwaun Molden, Fred Bennett, and Jacques Reeves could find themselves unemployed on opening day. I think the blogger assumption is that Bennett is a goner, but it’d be surprising if one of the others joined him.

- The level of play is going to go up tomorrow according to Bernard Pollard, who as you might guess, is excited to knock helmets with people.

- The quote wrap-up on The Mothership included Gary Kubiak talking about how the kickers will likely rotate during the pre-season games, a straight up quote from Kubiak that “Arian Foster is our starter,” and David Anderson on the theory that every route he has run, he’s been open during.

- Arian Foster might have gotten Kubiak’s early endorsement, but AFC South Blogger Paul Kuharsky still thinks he represents hope rather than a sure lock at the job. Meanwhile, AP reporter Chris Duncan catches up with Steve Slaton, who is looking for redemption after losing most of last season to injury.

- I’ve finalized plans to get out to the practice tomorrow morning. If you’d like to see my thoughts live, I’ll be tweeting them at @riversmccown. I’ll be writing up a report when I get home for SB Nation Houston as well.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.