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Report: Bosh To Join Wade In Miami

Chris Broussard of is reporting that Chris Bosh will join Dwyane Wade in Miami, regardless of what LeBron James’ plans are.

Wade and Bosh are expected to announce their decision on Wednesday afternoon, according to the source, and continue to lobby James, along with Heat president Pat Riley, to join them in Miami, despite the financial complexities involved for the Heat to make room for all three.

It currently remains unclear how Bosh will get to Miami. If he does not arrive in South Beach via sign-and-trade, he leaves roughly $30 million on the table. The Toronto Raptors had reportedly backed away from a potential trade with the Heat, citing a lack of current roster talent as reason not to partake in a deal. However, with Bosh’s decision firmly in hand, the Raptors may have no choice but to try to get something back in return for their departing star.

This afternoon’s expected announcement will bring an end to the Rockets’ pursuit of Bosh. The Rockets will likely focus on re-signing Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry before making any further moves.

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