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Texans' 'Madden' Player Ratings Revealed; Bernard Pollard Still Gets No Love

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Your top ten Texans in Madden '11, per Nick Scurfield:


1. WR Andre Johnson: 98
2. DE Mario Williams: 95
3. LB DeMeco Ryans: 90
4. QB Matt Schaub: 89
5. LB Brian Cushing: 87
5. TE Owen Daniels: 87
7. RT Eric Winston: 85
8. SS Bernard Pollard: 84
9. DE Antonio Smith: 82
10. LT Duane Brown: 79
10. FS Eugene Wilson: 79


For the most part, I can agree with these ratings, though I think Duane Brown has the potential to finish with a much higher rating come season's end.


However, there is one rating with which I've got beef. Bernard Pollard got the shaft with an 84. The anchor of the Texans' secondary -- the forceful tackler, defensive touchdown producer and Tom Brady-killer -- is merely an above average safety, according to the game. Apparently, he is also 5 'points' slower than Connor Barwin, who is blessed with '84 speed.' Pollard should at least deserve an 86-88 rating. You can't seriously tell me that Jim Leonhard, who happens to be a favorite of mine and whose rating is 85, is better than Pollard. And the fact that Brandon Merriweather is 4 points higher is a little disturbing as well.


Get it together, Madden, or else I might have to come... buy your game. And then I'll, uh... play it. Yeah, that's what I'll do. You watch out.

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