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Evening Wrap-Up: Mario Is Back, Tate Chewed Out

In non-Cushing-makes-sportswriters-pen-angsty-columns news…

- Nick Scurfield’s morning practice report is, as usual, full of good observations. Mario Williams won’t play too much in the opening preseason game but did practice for 30 minutes today. Dan Orlovsky will receive extensive time to prove his worth, and Gary Kubiak says Ben Tate can give the Texans a lot, but only if he “grows up.” Kubiak then totally ditched Tate and went to watch The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants with his girlfriends to complain about it. Can you believe that Ben Tate? Always slacking around practice. He sure is cute though…

- Michael A. Lutz delivers, from what I have read, the first football column to ever start with the serenity prayer. It’s about DeMeco Ryans.

- Even if the Texans interest in Aaron Schobel may seem overblown to yours truly, it sure has the Seahawks GM biting hook, line, and sinker.

- Jordan Godwin pens a piece on prankster David Anderson. Godwin’s profiles have been consistently solid throughout camp, and this one is no exception. He’s also got one on CB Antwaun Molden, who is facing a lot of competition at corner this year.

- You know those systems where you text things to vote on a question or something at the stadium? Well the Texans have a new partner in that. I’ve never actually used those services, nor have I known anyone who has, but someone has to be doing it. Here is where your money goes to.

- Formers Texans offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan gets the rock star profile in the Washington Post. He says his “system” is “whatever the weakness of the defense is.” So in case you were wondering, the Jaguars defense is weak against halfback passes.

- The three biggest tells on the quote sheet:

(on what does he want to see QB Dan Orlovsky do more than anything) “Protect the ball. Protect the football. When he’s throwing it protect it. Protect the team by protecting the ball. We’ve got to get rid of that one bad play out of 10. So that’s what we’re trying to focus on.” – Gary Kubiak

Or find a new quarterback.

(on if he’ll allow K Neil Rackers to kick first in his return to Arizona) “I’ll have to ask (special teams) coach Joe (Marciano). No, I would imagine (K) Kris (Brown) would go first.” – Gary Kubiak

Anyone want to speculate on the importance of that? I sure don’t. Because it scares me. I don’t want to be in this world where Kris Brown is beating Neil Rackers.

(on how long the starters will play at Arizona) “We’re going to have a group of starters who will be playing longer than normal. Our guards are going to play the majority of the game. We’re going to rotate those guys, all four or five of them somehow, some way. Obviously, we’ve got some starters that are going to play 12-20 plays and then we’ve got some starters that will play two quarters. So we just got to sit down, make sure what we like and see who those guys are. We’ll be doing that over the next few days.” – Gary Kubiak

It sure looks like Kubiak is giving Studdard and Caldwell a vote of no confidence here. This continues to be the biggest situation to watch in camp.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.