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Could Cushing Really Be Innocent?

Mike Kerns opines for Battle Red Blog:

Something else that seems to be up for debate now is the possibility that Cushing is actually telling the truth. At first I thought this was just another Roger Clemens scenario where a guy just decides to deny, deny, deny and use poor excuses like how someone “misremembers.” And I’m still not completely sold that he is innocent. I mean, Cushing isn’t the only “overtrained athlete” in the league, I am quite sure. Why wouldn’t more guys have tested positive for this? There have been some credible people who claim that there is no way he ever took anything. With the way it’s been documented about how hard he pushes himself and his unique dieting habits, it can be quite easy to believe the kid. With him adamantly saying he never took anything and even convincing Bob McNair to go to bat for him, that could come back to bite you in the ass if you’re lying to the guy who signs your checks.

I’m not much for the emotional rollercoaster that is the ethics of steroid use in sports. I got off that one when baseball started it. However, Kerns does a solid job of providing a fan’s perspective on the whole scenario.

As always, go give our friends at BRB your time when it comes to the Texans.

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