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Evening Wrap-Up: 8/11, Schobelgate Continues, Jackson To Miss Opener.

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- We start with Scurfield’s notes from the early practice, as they seem to consistently be the best source of news. Gary Kubiak has talked to Aaron Schobel, which is big news to me simply because that acknowledges actual interest by the Texans. However, Lance Zierlein cautions that it’s not looking good right now in a tweet.

Scurfield also mentions the kicker battle and how rookie long snapper Jon Weeks has to essentially be perfect to win the spot. Alan Burge used that as a jump-off point for a piece on Weeks. Personally, I’m not sure how they can take both Trindon Holliday and Weeks, and I’d take Holliday first.

- According to John McClain, Texans first-rounder Kareem Jackson will miss the first game of the preseason to attend his grandmother’s funeral. If you were planning on road tripping up there, and that would make you a more diehard Texan fan than I am if true, the tickets are officially sold out. So make sure you Stubhub.

- Because of a serious injury (to his shoulder, but the severity is unrevealed) to defensive end Tim Bulman, the Texans worked out defensive ends Raheem Brock and Dewayne White, as well as nose tackle Kendrick Clancy. All of these guys are standard “older” defenders coming off injuries or poor seasons that are looking for work. The Texans will probably judge them up against Jesse Nading and Tim Jamison. Really, the Texans would probably be better served going with Malcolm Sheppard if Schobel isn’t going to be in the fold.

Best of luck to Bulman on a quick recovery. He’s a high-effort, high-motor bench end. Battle Red Blog had a tremendous piece on him a few years back.

- David Anderson has his own weekly column at The Houston Chronicle for the next couple of months. Anderson is a hilarious guy, and I think his writing translates well. Do check him out, and also give him a Twitter follow. Tell him Rivers sent you! He’ll say “who?” and we can all laugh while I die a little inside.

- AP Reporter Chris Duncan files his latest, on Schaub and Greg Knapp, who was his offensive coordinator in Atlanta and is now the Texans’ quarterbacks coach.

- Glover Quin was called a “shutdown” quarterback by the Chronicle, which made sure to note that he had never allowed any touchdown catches last season as a regular cornerback. John McClain had a chat and the stat came up and helped everyone notice that McClain had failed sarcasm 101:

- The quotes sheet, which is a little small today, feature Bill Kollar’s lack of faith in Frank Okam, Trindon Holliday’s ability to create quotes that are as short as he is, and Gary Kubiak continued to talk up the consistency of the defense.

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