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Tate: "I Didn't Break My Ankle I Can Tell You That"

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As the mainstream media broke all over the internet that Ben Tate would likely be lost for the season with a broken ankle based on one speculative tweet by John McClain, a funny thing happened. It turns out speculation, believe it or not, is not always right! Who would have thought?

Ben Tate, on his own Facebook wall minutes ago:

Gary Kubiak, at a 3:30 PM press conference, noted that Tate’s injury was going to require surgery, and that it was a “very significant” injury, but that the team wasn’t prepared to diagnose the extent of the injury yet. Surgery is expected to be scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday, but it is not yet known how long Tate will be out. Kubiak said the Texans would get back to the media on that tomorrow.

Andre Davis is also expected to miss a few weeks with a shoulder injury.

EDIT: Turns out I misheard Kubiak, Davis to miss a few DAYS with a TAILBONE injury. Thats what I get for trying type and listen at the same time.

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