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Will Texans Chase Schobel?

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Word out of Buffalo today is that the Bills will release defensive end Aaron Schobel so he can attempt to ply his trade on a team that matters. Schobel is a local product, as he was raised in Columbus and attended TCU. Put that, the Texans inability to finish sacks last year, and Schobel’s fondness for the 4-3 together, and major media outlets are already speculating that the Texans would be a good fit for Schobel.

It might not be a marriage fit entirely on need, given that Antonio Smith, Mario Williams, and Connor Barwin all have solid pass-rushing credentials, even if they didn’t have the seasons to back it up last year. Still, it’s hard to imagine Schobel as anything but an upgrade on Smith, and the Texans lined up Smith inside on passing downs enough that it isn’t entirely far-fetched that they could snatch up Schobel and put Smith in there full-time. Personally, I don’t consider it too likely because the Texans have shown time and time again that they don’t chase players over 30. It’s almost an organizational philosophy at this point after Ahman Green embarrassed the team’s front office with some poor injury-plagued years.

If it were me in charge, I’d sniff around Schobel in a heartbeat. Knowing the Texans…I’m just not sure they’ll go for it. Even if he was great last year, the Texans didn’t bother chasing many free agents this offseason. The ones that they did, Wade Smith and Leigh Bodden, hadn’t hit their 30’s yet. Schobel will be 33 when the season starts.

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