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Evening Wrap-Up At Training Camp: 8/2, The Biggest Loser Edition

- I'll start with what I'd like to call "moving the goalposts". I wrote a feature about Amobi Okoye this offseason, and we talked about how much he weighed and how that would affect his overall game. John McClain, in his column about training camp competition, says that Okoye weighed in at 295 last season and has lost 13 pounds. Of course, Chronicle writer Jordan Godwin, in his piece about the defensive line losing weight, says Okoye lost 32 pounds. I dug into McClain's archives and found the following in a chat answer: 


So, doing the math, Okoye weighed either 295, 305, or 315-ish last season, depending on what Okoye was when Goddard weighed him. Can somebody please calibrate the scales at Reliant? Or stop the double talk? I just want to know what we should be expecting from Okoye this season without getting training at my local carnival's "guess your weight" game.

- AP writer Chris Duncan continues his series on the Texans with a profile of James Casey, who is probably willing to figure out the Texans' budget if it gets him on the field. Meanwhile, Godwin gets an in-depth piece up about Antoine Caldwell, who offensive line coach John Benton showers with praise.

- Dorin Dickerson is the anti-Dez Bryant: he'll carry the pads AND the jersey!

- On the national level,'s Vic Carruci takes a very deep look at the Texans, while Paul Kuharsky looks at the baptism by fire that Kareem Jackson is undergoing by facing Andre Johnson in practice everyday.

- The mothership has a take on the Red Zone offense under new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. 

Nick Scurfield's notes included a little jawing between Eric Winston and Bernard Pollard, another missed day for Mario Williams as the Texans play it safe with their big defensive end, and more people burning Fred Bennett deep.

The quotes sheet had Kubiak on Jacoby Jones' maturity, Dominique Barber on his sickening dependence on the city of Dallas, and Earl Mitchell on not knowing Kasey Studdard's name yet.

- Tweeters on the ground included, again, @jharrisfootball, @StephStradley,  @BigRon281@HoustonDiehards, and @ajtexans. Special kudos to those last three, who you will only hear from again two more times on the ground since the Texans don't have an open camp. These fellas were on the ground spreading information and taking that heat on all day for nothing more than fame and love of the game. As someone who only went to one of the day camps, I've got the sunburn to backup how rough it is out there. These gentlemen deserve your applause.

- Camp will be closed to the public the next two days, Thursday evening will be open, as will Saturday morning. After that, we're all relying on those credentialed few for news and tidbits. 

Late Edit: Texans WR Glenn Martinez hits the IR, undrafted rookie free agent WR London Crawford, who went to Arkansas and participated in the Texans mini-camps, will be brought in to camp to replace him.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.