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HISD Names Female Athletic Director

Anyone else watch Friday Night Lights? Do you remember when Coach was bumped up to Athletic Director to get a bit of a raise? It, of course, proved to be a big headache for our hero, as he had to listen to the girls soccer coach constantly complaining about how they didn't have enough balls to practice. Hilarity ensues.


I wouldn't have realized it back in high school, when I knew that our head football coach was also the athletic director (it said so right on his office door), but this kind of thing is a common problem. Football, and in some cases basketball, gets all the money while the rest of the sports suffer. Sadly, many times those other sports include most of the ones involving girls.


Which is why it's so refreshing to see Houston ISD recently named its first woman athletic director. Marmion Dambrino has a big task ahead of her, but it's nice to see a school district as big as HISD thinking outside the box. Let's not kid ourselves. This is more of an administrative job than an individual school's AD might be, but it's rare to find a woman in this kind of position.


Many times, these jobs are a way to reward a coach who's done a great job or retain one who's thinking of leaving. That's probably why some of them were split up into boys and girls. Good for HISD for recognizing Dambrino in this way.

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