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Tuesday Practice Wrap: 8/24, Injury News Abounds

- WIth Trindon Holliday probably out for the season after undergoing surgery on his thumb, the Texans will turn to some familiar faces to fill the kickoff roles. According to Gary Kubiak, Jacoby Jones will be returning punts and Steve Slaton will be given the initial chance to become the kickoff returns. Losing Holliday stings a little for those optimistic that he’d be a dominant return man, but in the end, you can’t miss what you never had. The increased roles for Slaton and Jones could open up more playing time on offense for guys like Jeremiah Johnson or Chris Henry, and possibly David Anderson as well.

- Darryl Sharpton has been classified as day-to-day with swelling in his knee. That was why the Texans had to cancel practice yesterday: they just didn’t have enough healthy linebackers to run it since it seems like everyone who tries to fill Brian Cushing’s shoes gets banged up. Maybe they should all take PED’s to hasten their recovery time…just kidding.

- Bernard Pollard says the Texans got beat up again. This time, in the film room:

Like I said, we took one Saturday from the Saints and then Monday he put us all in one room. We all watched every single play. I think that was enough. When you put up film like that and your teammates see how bad you played and you see how many mistakes were in one play and how many missed tackles there were in one play. I think we missed four tackles on one play. You can’t do that and coach (Gary) Kubiak let us know in a polite way that he don’t want that out of us and we don’t want that out of ourselves. We have to hold each other accountable and I think in order for us to do that we’ve got to show it on the field

I believe the 2008 Detroit Lions would like to register a complaint: you certainly can do that, Mr. Pollard. You just have to accept the consequences of being an awful defense if you do.

- DE James Wyche, who the Texans signed after Tim Bulman was placed on IR, was released today as the team made room for WR Derrick Townsel, who signed yesterday.

- TE Owen Daniels, who declared that a scan and MRI said that he was 100 percent to MyFoxHouston’s Mark Berman, will get his next big test on Wednesday as he flies to see Dr. James Andrews and hopefully get the OK to go ahead from one of the most well-renowned sports physicians in America.

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