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Astros May Have Secret Hold Over Phillies

I'm not suggesting voodoo. I'm not suggesting foul play. But, one of our writers on The Crawfish Boxes found this very interesting story over at Look at the headline:

Phillies Lose Again To Astros, Kidnapped Boy Found, Donovan McNabb, Desean Jackson, and High-Rise Attacker Arrested

So THAT's why the Astros won eight of their last 10 in Philadephia. That's the same Phillies team that went to the past two World Series. I'm not saying the kid was Ryan Howard's or Chase Utley's (it wasn't) and I'm not trying to make light of an obviously tragic situation. I'm just sayin'...


Who do the Astros have captive that they can beat the tar out of Philadelphia? Do they have incriminating pictures of someone? Please let it be Charlie Manuel, if they do...Deadspin, get on this!

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