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Your 2010 Astros: Bad At Being Bad

The Astros were well on their way to a historically god-awful season...even after we got rid of this guy.

The 'Stros were on pace to lose over 100 games, and were positioning themselves to score the fewest runs in history.

What would this team have to show for it? Not the first overall pick in the 2011 draft. Or the second.

The Astros are currently positioned to pick ninth in the 2011 amateur draft, and their positioning may worsen in the upcoming month.

I'm not saying the Astros should dog it. 

However, unless the Astros plan to end the season on a 32-game winning streak (and they still wouldn't make the playoffs), they should continue their focus towards next year. Or maybe the year after that. 

However, it appears as though the Astros may continue to fall in the draft. With ten series left, only three are against playoff caliber teams.

Five of the series are against teams with worse records (Diamondbacks, Pirates, Nationals, and Cubs twice), and two are against mediocre teams (Brewers, Dodgers).

If the Astros continue to pitch well and win a marginal amount of games, they will have nothing to show for a rebuilding season besides a mediocre draft selection.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.