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Keenum On Media War Path

Record-setting Houston Cougar quarterback Case Keenum is making the rounds on the east coast, and did a pair of ESPN radio interviews already on Wednesday afternoon. His interview with Ivan Maisel can be found here (beginning at the 29:22 mark) and his interview with Scott Van Pelt can be found here.

At first, I was skeptical about focusing so much attention on a single player. Why shouldn't Keenum be in Houston with his teammates, preparing for the season? Why make one guy feel like he's bigger than the team by trotting him out and asking him questions about passing records and the Heisman Trophy?

After hearing Keenum's interviews, I'm a convert.

First off, when you listen to his interviews, you realize that a big head will never be a problem for Keenum. If you watch college football for the rest of your life, you may never find another kid who is more humble and team-oriented. And ultimately, this actually is about the team. The Cougars are riding a wave of media love (at least as much as possible for a non-BCS team in "flyover country"), and now is the time to pump up the program as much as possible. Keenum is in prime position to do that.

The more Keenum is in the spotlight, the more UH is in the spotlight. And that helps recruiting, the effort to raise funds to improve facilities, and countless other aspects for the university. So strike while the iron is hot, UH.

Keenum for Heisman, 2010.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.