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Mark Cuban, Next Astros Owner?

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Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan recently won the auction for the Rangers, resulting in two things: 

1. A hole in their wallets the size of $593 million;


2. An unhappy Mark Cuban, who was also bidding for the club.

As a Houstonian and Rockets fan, I hate Mark Cuban. Seeing him lose the auction was nice, because, well, I like seeing him lose. However, his loss may be our gain in another sense.

If he were to consider buying the Astros, maybe the Hoosier alum would grow on me.

Now, is Cuban even interested in the Astros? Who knows. Maybe he's not. But one thing is definite; if Cuban is interested in owning a baseball team, there's a team just down the road with an owner who's listening to offers. 

Maybe Cuban was interested in the Rangers solely for business reasons; could owning both the Mavericks and Rangers lead to lucrative television rights? Could he be one step closer to a Dallas monopoly?

If he's interested in owning a baseball team, I'm interested in him as an owner. I still won't root for your Mavericks, but maybe I'll hate them less if you buy our team.

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