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Evening Wrap-Up, 8/9: Oh Right, There Was A Practice Too

- The Texans took the field Brian Cushing on Monday after an evening off on Saturday and a full day off Sunday. The big training camp news revolved around Brian Cushing Mario Williams, who got a second opinion on his injury in Philadelphia and was given the go-ahead there. Gary Kubiak, channeling his inner Belichick, declined to mention specifics when asked.

- Chris over at Houston Diehards got himself a press pass, some pub, and some up close observations today. Do go on and check that out as it’s the last day of open practices to the media. Only 1,513 fans showed for the Monday practice on short notice. You’ll miss it when it’s gone. Alan Burge also came up with some clutch tweeting. Big Ron was busy with his real job today (pfft, who needs one of those? Someone please feed me) but wrote the first of his training camp recaps.

- Madden says the Texans are making the playoffs. This must mean that they edited in some more swagger for someone. But who?

- News 8 Austin caught up with former Longhorn Frank Okam, who talked about becoming a veteran. Once he figures it out, he says, the sky is the limit. I’ll take the under on that one. At least in a Texans uniform.

- Jordan Godwin has an indepth piece up about the Texans hazing. I’d love to hear some Ben Tate standup, but as I’m a media member that will never happen.

- And a nickname is born, via Danny Clark:

10. Who’s the funniest Texan?
“The funniest guy right now? Who do I laugh at? I’d say Darryl Sharpton. I call him, “Weird Al.” He’s a rookie and he’s funny because he doesn’t try. He’s funny about what he says and when he’s being serious. He has the craziest stories from college at the University of Miami. Of course he’s next to me. He’s a great kid and he’s fun to watch and fun to listen to."

Weird Al it is, Danny.

- Don’t end with something funny! End with something serious! Fine, fine.

Kubiak said he was disappointed in the “sloppy” play of the offensive line this morning. Left guard Kasey Studdard, right guard Antoine Caldwell and center Chris Myers have been competing to keep their starting jobs over the likes of Wade Smith, Mike Brisiel and Chris White. “I think our guard position is wide open,” Kubiak said. “I don’t think anybody has taken the job from the two that are starting, nor have they solidified their situation… There’s inconsistency in a lot of things that all of them are doing. We’re going to keep rotating them and see who’ll step up.”

That is not what I want to hear a week in to training camp.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.