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Astros Sweep Of Cards Is Nice, But A Little Counterproductive

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What's better than watching the Cardinals lose? Well, seeing them lose three times is nice. Add in the fact that we shut them out twice and I get all giddy and what not. 


However, sweeping our rivals accomplishes nothing, at least not this late in the season. 


After the home stand, the Astros sit at a (still) unimpressive nine games below .500. With nine series left, only two are against playoff-caliber teams. Six of which are against teams with worse or equal records. And then we play the Manny-less Dodgers.


Sure, the sweep was a moral boost. But it doesn't help our future. The Astros are now tied for third place in the NL central and their record is continuing to climb. For every game we win, we continue to lower in the draft. And though the past two years been abundant with talent, the 2011 draft may not share the same luck.


With series left against the Nationals, Pirates, Diamondbacks, and Cubs (twice), the Astros may very well end with a respectful record, and a mediocre draft pick. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.