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Worst Gameday Traffic Study: Texans Rank Near Middle

Think Texans games are difficult to drive to sometimes? You're not alone. But understand this: it could be far worse.

TomTom GPS* did a study on NFL gameday traffic as it pertains to each city with a team. You might think us Texans fans have it rough, but on the contrary, we're actually somewhere near the middle of the pack. Here's a helpful hint: don't drive to a Washington Redskins game, unless you're comfortable with the possibility of completely missing it.

As this article in USA Today notes, the study was done by measuring how much driving speed is reduced when trying to drive to games. For example, there is a 27% reduction in speed when trying to drive to a Texans game. Here's the list of cities who've got it worse than us:

1 Washington, 57%
2 New England, 55%
2 Buffalo, 55%
4 Dallas, 41%
5 Jacksonville, 39%
6 Carolina, 37%
7 Miami, 36%
8 Tennessee, 35%
9 Green Bay, 33%
10 Atlanta, 31%
11 Philadelphia,29%
12 New Orleans, 29%
13 Houston, 27%

On the other hand, Raiders fans see a ten percent increase in normal speed on gameday. Hey, look! Oakland "won" at something!

*Note: This, next to the creator of MySpace, has become my arch nemesis, primarily due to stupid, "You've got the same name!" jokes. Oh, really? Is that right? His name is Tom, and my name is Tom, so, of course, that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.