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Vince Young Returns, Taunts Texans Fans With Chili


Let's play a familiar game, courtesy of It's called: "What's Wrong With This Picture." I'll go first.

1. Vince Young (making his second appearance here in as many days) gracing a banner ad on a Houston professional football web site is straight Bush league. I love Vince, and while he wouldn't have been the right draft pick for the Texans in retrospect, I'd rather not be forced to look at my favorite college footballer while he, um, eats chili.

2. What is Matt Schaub doing? Is this a demented version of T.O.'s Eagle dance?

3.You probably can't see this, but underneath Schaub it says, "Get your mind right." No, no - this is all wrong. Sounds like Joel Osteen is trying to give me a pump-up speech. We speak Jive here (because it's awesome). Correct pronunciation: "Getcha mind right."

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.