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No. 23 UH's Victories Less Impressive Than Other Schools' Losses

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After their second straight easy victory, the Cougars worked their way into the top 25. In the coaches poll released on Sunday, the Cougars were slotted at #23, just behind Michigan (who edged out Notre Dame on Saturday) and California (who obliterated Colorado).


There are two teams with a loss already this season who were ranked ahead of Houston: #17 Miami and #20 Penn State. I understand that both schools suffered losses at the hands of very good teams (Ohio State and Alabama, respectively), but neither loss was even close. Why would you put them ahead of some very good teams without losses? Aren't the polls supposed to be based on results?


Houston's week three opponent, UCLA, is coming off a 35-0 shellacking at the hands of #19 Stanford. Combined with a season-opening loss to Kansas State, this means the Cougars won't be able to impress anybody just by beating the Bruins. All they can do is get a victory, and hope that the teams in front of them lose.


Texas-Austin is ranked #4 and Texas Christian checks in at #5 in the coaches' poll this week. Notable schools listed in "Others receiving votes" include Texas A&M (7), Conference-USA rival East Carolina (1), and future Cougar opponents Texas Tech (28) and Mississippi State (2).

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