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Kubiak: "Anybody Who's Out There, We'll Talk To Them."

Gary Kubiak’s post-game presser came with everyone in good spirits asides from the devastating injury to Connor Barwin. Nick Scurfield has the story on The Mothership, and the answer is that yes, the Texans will look at free agent options to replace the talented defensive end. And no, that doesn’t necessarily rule out Aaron Schobel:

“My understanding is he’s retired, guys,” Kubiak said of Schobel. “Things change, I’m sure, but anybody who’s out there, we will talk to them, and we’ve got to replace Connor Barwin.”

He went on to talk about how much losing Barwin hurt, especially because they’d devised a few plays where he was going to rush the passer standing up specifically for Manning, and Jesse Nading had to fill that void on the field in the second half.

Kubiak singled out Vonta Leach for praise, calling it the best game he’s seen him play in a Texans uniform. If today’s presser is any indication, look for the mentor-pupil storyline to become a big role in the media over the next week as the Texans hop up to Washington to face Kubiak’s old boss in Denver, Mike Shanahan.

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