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Arian Foster Joins KILT To Talk About His Record-Setting Day

What a performance for Houston Texans running back Arian Foster. The 2009 undrafted rookie free agent from Tennessee exploded for 231 yards and three touchdowns on 33 carries during Houston’s resounding win over the Indianapolis Colts. Can he follow his epic performance with at least a solid encore next week and into the heart of the 2010 season? He sure thinks it’s possible. During an interview on KILT Monday, Foster said: ’this is no fluke."

Foster was asked whether he has a chip on his shoulder due to not being drafted, what the performance means for him personally, and if he had any idea just how many yards he was amassing.

On if it’s an understatement to say that he’s got a chip on his shoulder after not getting drafted:

“I wouldn’t say an understatement, but it was what it was. I wear it as a little badge on my vest. It’s a part of my character coming from somewhere that I’m not supposed to be. That’s just representing for the underdogs out there.”

And on if he realized what his numbers were when he was out there:

“You kind of get a feel for it. I’ve been playing football since I was seven, so you know. The most important thing that we did is that we finished with the ball in our hands on the field. The greatest play in the game is that victory play.”

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