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Astros Among Teams Checking Out Loux

The Astros are checking out Texas A&M product, and former first round pick, Barret Loux.

Most teams check out former first rounders all the time. However, Loux is a different story. That's because was selected in this year's draft, but became a free agent following arm problems.

Loux was selected by the Diamondbacks with the 6th overall pick.

Brain Mctaggart reported the news, tweeting:

The Dodgers, Twins, Marlins, Reds, Yankees, Pirates, A's, Brewers, Mets, Angels, Blue Jays and Royals were also on hand to watch Loux throw.

Loux could very well land with the Astros. In addition to playing for Texas A&M, Loux is a Stratford High School prospect, right out of Houston. His doctor is David Lintner, who also calls Houston home. But most importantly, he's a free agent. Thus, he chooses where he wants to play.

Then again, in perspective, he could also not land with the Astros...

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.