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The NFL Needs To Get Its Priorities Straight

Duane Brown is about to serve a four-game suspension for PED use. Brian Cushing, as we all know, is also halfway through his four-game punishment. 

Such a penalty is harsh, but acceptable. We want our athletes clean, right? We would like our playing field to be as even as possible, and besides, they set examples for our youth.

But a day after Brown's penalty was announced, another NFL star has gone unscathed despite committing a far worse crime. 

Brown and Cushing will both miss 25% of the regular season. They each messed up, and now they must pay the price. 

I'm okay with that. Such a suspension is a hefty price, but it sets a precedent, nonetheless. 

But what really gets my panties in a bunch, what really grinds my gears, is that Braylon Edwards will not only not face a suspension, but will get to play next week despite his DUI in which BAC was twice the legal limit. 

This is infuriating to me. Although steroids uneven the playing field, they hurt the individual player more than anyone else.

Braylon Edwards, on the other hand, put other people at risk with his decision to drive late Monday night. 

Do we need another Donte Stallworth situation? No. So set a precedent, NFL. 

Suspend him for a year, without pay. Or at least do something harsher than the PED punishment. After all, the NFL needs to send the right message. 

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