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Kubiak Credits Physical Camp For Solid Start

Can the Houston Texans maintain the impressive momentum they’ve established during the first two weeks of the 2010 NFL season? The Texans likely aren’t too satisfied with how they’ve played defensively, but just about everything else is firing on all cylinders for the Texans through two weeks. And even on defense, Houston has made the plays it has needed to, namely late in last Sunday’s come-from-behind overtime win against the Washington Redskins.

Head coach Gary Kubiak believes that the heightened intensity at training camp this summer is responsible for the team being so mentally and physically prepared to start the year off well.

“Well, we couldn’t close games last year,‘’ Houston coach Gary Kubiak said. "We had some very close games where one play or one drive here or there was going to win or lose the game for us. I didn’t think we could line up and knock somebody off the ball, so we had a big point of emphasis to get better running the ball, a point of emphasis to stop the run."

Kubiak then explained that his team went to work on improving in those areas last spring and throughout the grueling summer months.

“We needed to hit a lot more than we had in the past,‘’ Kubiak said. "Our first 10 days of camp were the most physical I’ve been around as a coach, and, hopefully, it will have something to do with our improvement.’’

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