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Kubiak Confirms Reeves And Brown Cut, Adds Booty To The List

Gary Kubiak’s presser was eight minutes of puzzles wrapped in enigmas wrapped in quasars, but here is what we know for sure:

- Jacques Reeves is a goner. So is Kris Brown.

- John David Booty was released, meaning that Dan Orlovsky is (sigh) your backup Texans quarterback. But Booty could still be resigned to the practice squad assuming he draws no interest on the open market. Kubiak also hinted that there could be a new quarterback coming in.

- He announced that five cornerbacks made the roster, and that, combined with Sherrick McManis’ agent tweeting that he has made the final roster, and Kubiak talking about Antwaun Molden’s injuries as a thing of the present, probably means those two along with Brice McCain, Glover Quin, and Kareem Jackson encompass the corners.

- Andre Davis is headed for injured reserve, and Kubiak strongly implied that the team was not worried about losing Dorin Dickerson, which probably means he is the fifth receiver.

- Because of the moves to keep just two quarterbacks and five cornerbacks, it sounds like good news is probably on the horizon for specialists like Jon Weeks.

The cuts lists are due tomorrow at three in the afternoon, and we’ll keep you updated on them as they trickle in.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.