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Practice Squad Filled Pending QB move

According to Mark Berman of MyFOXHouston, the Texans have named their practice squad as follows:

The Texans have identified seven mem[b]ers of their eight-man practice squad.

They are: center Brett Helms, Offensive tackle Cole Pemberton, defensive tackle Malcom Sheppard, linebacker Isaiah Greenhouse, safety Torri Williams, receiver Bobby Williams and running back Chris Ogbonnaya.

All of these played with the Texans during training camp except for Ogbonnaya, the ex-Longhorn RB who was dumped by the Rams after a dreadful preseason. The last spot, along with Danny Clark’s roster spot, will be filled once the team figures out what to do with (sigh) Matt Leinart or John David Booty. Bobby Williams and Sheppard are probably the two best players in this group.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.