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Colts Waive Ugoh, Texans Rob Dan To Pay Kris

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First reported by Paul Kuharsky, and later confirmed everywhere, the Colts have waived offensive lineman Tony Ugoh in advance of the opening game of the season. Where this leaves the Colts, I wouldn’t know for certain. It appears that the idea is to have undrafted rookie Jeff Linkenbach play somewhere on the line, depending on whether Charles Johnson can play or not. If he can’t go, Linkenbach might line up at left tackle.

I’m not saying Tony Ugoh was great shakes or anything, but adding an undrafted rookie to the equation of blocking for Peyton Manning should have Frank Bush licking his chops. Perhaps responding in kind, by say, blitzing them at every opportunity, would be nice.

On a weirder note, the Texans, according to John McClain, convinced Dan Orlovsky to take a salary cut from $2.25 million to $800K. Right after that, he tweeted that the Texans released Kris Brown with an injury settlement, which has been assumed for some time to be a golden parachute to the kicker for putting up with the competition and generally being a good guy for the last eight years.

I find this whole premise really bizarre. I have as much respect for Kris Brown as I can have for any kicker, but really, you’re punishing the backup quarterback to pay off his settlement? I’m in an awkward position here sticking up for Orlovsky, but this is a ridiculous notion. Orlovsky has certainly done much less in the past calendar year to hold the Texans back from the playoffs then Brown has.

With Matt Leinart being brought in, Orlovsky ultimately had no leverage since NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed. Scenarios like this are exactly why the league is spiraling towards a lockout. I’m not saying Orlovsky has earned his contract in any way, but for the Texans to basically hold him up to pay Brown off is dirty pool, in my mind. Not the kind of thing I’d expect from an organization that holds it’s players to such high ideals. Frankly, I’m a little disgusted by this whole situation.

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