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Vince Young's Mother Wants No Part Of Reggie Bush's 'God Given' Heisman Trophy

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Mack Brown has already spoken in favor of handing over Reggie Bush's supposedly stripped Heisman trophy to Houston's own Vince Young, who, in truth, had as good a resume as Bush back in 2005 when he led the Texas Longhorns to a National Title. It's pretty straightforward logic: if the NCAA and Heisman trust each decide to open up Pandora's box and strip Bush of his Heisman, there's a case to be made for giving it to Young.

An outspoken voice doesn't see things that way. Ironically, that voice is Felicia Young, Vince's mother. Go figure.

Speaking to FOX 26 in Houston, Vince Young's mother stated that while she believed her son deserved the award in 2005, God had other plans for it.

"We're not interested in having no honor and no glory out of somebody else they are trying to tear down, no," Felicia Young said. "They did not give Vincent the Heisman when he was there, even though I know that my son, he was the one who should have had the Heisman, but God didn't see it that way. He gave it to Reggie Bush."

As a since-kindergarten Texas Longhorns fan, I'm biased. I want the award to go to ole Vince, because I think he deserved it in the first place. The fan in me wants him to receive his due honor, but in truth, it's not a great idea. Once you strip Bush of his award, you open up the possibility of investigating into every single winner, past or future. It's not something the NCAA should want to involve themselves in, because, frankly, they know they'll find some really ugly stuff.

I think we'll accept Ms. Young's description for what to do with the award and leave it at that. There's no arguing divine intervention.

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