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What's On Television Today: January 11th, 2011

1/11/11, you see what I did there? It could even be 11:11 when you're reading this. Make a wish!

Unless it's 11:11 AM, in which case I don't think that's possible. Unless the star you're wishing on is the sun.

Water filters w/ pitcher
Phoenix Suns @ Denver Nuggets -- 8 PM, NBA TV -- Consider this your official game of the Carmelo Anthony Trade Watch.
College Basketball: Texas Longhorns @ Texas Tech Red Raiders -- 6 PM, ESPN2 -- Now that college football season is over, it's time to act like you care about college basketball before the tournament so all your sleeper picks can be misguided.
College Basketball: Wisconsin Badgers @ Michigan St. Spartans -- 6 PM, ESPN -- And which of these teams will get upset by a 10 seed in March? Lets find out.

Water filters on faucet
College Basketball: Oklahoma Sooners @ Baylor Bears -- 8 PM, Fox Sports Houston -- This is the game where you watch Perry Jones and pretend that he'll be a Rocket next year.
College Basketball: Florida Gators @ Tennessee Volunteers -- 8 PM, ESPN -- Billy Donovan is still milking the middle of this decade. 

Refilling water bottles out of the tap
Philadelphia Flyers @ Buffalo Sabres -- 6:30 PM, Versus -- It's all about Ryan Miller. I guess the Flyers will have people playing in this game too, but who cares about that?

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.