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Rice's Kazemi Wants To Go Pro After 2012

In what some may consider the latest example of a sure-fire end of the world scenario, Rice forward Arsalan Kazemi has indicated that he'd like to test the NBA draft process after this year and enter it in earnest following the 2011-2012 season. His advisor, former TNT analyst Anthony Ibrahim, seems a bit more measured than Kazemi on the subject, which is a good sign: 

"I would love for him to go this year but I think he still needs another year of seasoning. We're going to evaluate him at the end of this season. I'm going to give him the best advice, like I did for him when I brought him to this country. When the NBA scouts or the general managers of the NBA that I know give me the green light, I will present him the facts and he has to make the decision."

Kazemi is currently the 20th ranked sophomore by DraftExpress. That would seem to put him on the end of first/early second bubble at best. If he does leave, Duarte speculates that he might find overseas offers more appealing, particularly since he could play closer to his native Iran. 

I think Kazemi still has a pretty decent shot at the NBA though, particularly if he can make some more improvements to his game over the next couple of months. This will be one to watch. Particularly if Ben Braun's team continues to struggle even with Kazemi.

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