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Lubbock Police Not Investigating Vandalism Of Texas A&M Buses

Before what may have been Texas A&M's last football game ever in Lubbock, the Aggies' bus was vandalized by "unknown" suspects. Expletives and vulgarities were spray-painted on the outside, while the interior of the bus was used as a public restroom.

However, while the story got plenty of national attention, the Lubbock police say they don't know anything about it:

"We have absolutely nothing on it. Not one report was received related to this incident, nor do we have any pictures," DPS Corporal John Gonzalez said.

LPD Spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said "We have no reports of the incident."

The Texas Tech athletic department is conducting its own investigation, but there doesn't appear to be many leads at the moment.

As the Red Raiders Communication Director Chris Cook pointed out, there's no way to know who could be behind this act of vandalism that may or may not have even occurred:

"It's unfair and unfortunate that our students were immediately pinpointed as the culprits in this alleged incident - it's unfounded." 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.